1. D

    CALIFORNIA LASER, Standard Rig, $950obo

    All original: Wood tiller Original daggerboard Trailer (electrical not working) SEE PICS / LOCATED IN TRUCKEE, CA See pics In Truckee, CA
  2. RealDProperty

    Enclosed Trailer Storage for a Laser

    I'm currently shopping for a Laser. I live in Michigan and prefer to store it on a dollie in an enclosed trailer. I'm wondering if anyone currently does this. If so, what trailer are you using? I was thinking of a 12' with V (extention). I prefer a sinlge axle so it's easier to move around the...
  3. Eteczynski

    OHIO ISO- dolly or trailer

    Ohio/Michigan area here, looking for a trailer or dolly for a laser. anything available please DM
  4. P

    FLORIDA 2015 Laser full rig with trailer

    This boat includes everything you need to race competitively such as carbon/composite top section as well as tiller and tiller extension. This boat is currently set up for the full rig, however, that does not mean you can’t swap the sail and lower mast section for something to better suit your...
  5. Mrs Hill

    KANSAS Vintage 1966 Sunfish & trailer

    Vintage 1966 Sunfish Serial # 35464 Wichita, KS boat, sail, etc + trailer for sale
  6. L&VW

    Organizing Daytrips for Trailer-Sailors

    While not a daytripper myself, the following was copied from the Mariner website. (Author: "Will"). An important map (by region) didn't copy, so I'll try later. Trailered Sunfish owners might want to chime in: "Happy New 2021. May the new year see all of you on the water more and may you all...
  7. monkey_feet

    TEXAS Kitty Hawk trailer

    Hello fellow Laser sailors. I’m selling an old Kitty Hawk trailer that I got when I acquired a Laser. I painted the axle put bearing buddies on and put new protective plastic on it. Lights work. Needs a tire (one of the tires has a blister). $350. If you want me to put tires on it, $425...
  8. B

    OHIO Trailer

    Looking for a Laser trailer. Please let me know if you have something.
  9. P

    FLORIDA Laser trailer for sale

    I have a Laser trailer (Performance) for sale. It is in good working condition. It has a loading tube that holds top and bottom mast and boom. The trailer is also suitable for a jet-ski. Price $500
  10. B

    J 24 Tillotson Pearson 1984 FRESH water only, Excellent Trailer, No Sails/No Motor MAKE OFFER

    A classic, regatta winning vessel in ready to be restored condition. Sailed in fresh water only. She is clean but needs an experienced, loving had to bring her back; original seat cushions, most inside wood included. Outside teak intact but rough. Body is very solid. You pick the sails and...
  11. D

    1978 Triad single axle trailer for J/24

    1978 Triad lift off/on single axle trailer for sale as-is; setup for a J/24. All pads and bow support are height adjustable, in case you want it for a different boat. Has 7 pin connector with electric drum brakes, battery for emergency brakes, led lights, and spare tire. Large storage box...
  12. Itsasave

    MASSACHUSETTS Sunfish trailer

    ISO decent trailer. Could go the HF route, but hoping to find something tried and tested. Looking at the cost of a roof rack system, I think I’ll be close to finding a trailer (hopefully) The boat is a ‘74 Alcort, so I’m not looking to break the bank. Will be shuttling the boat between MA and...
  13. I

    How to transport a sunfish

    Hey all! I'm heading up to Maine next weekend and would like to bring my sunfish up there with me. Gonna get a hitch installed on my car... then I need to figure out what sort of trailer I can get to do this. Looks like Load Rite has some that would work, but they're pretty expensive. I'm...
  14. wbucklew

    J24 for Sale - Hull# 2578 - 1981 - New Motor - Unique Trailer Included

    Tillostson-Pearson J-24 - 1981 Hull # 2578 The deck was refurbished ~ 10 years ago Mercury 5 HP outboard - 2 years old (7 hours used) - Runs great Included: 3 main sails, 4 Genoas, 3 jibs and 3 spinnakers (Varying conditions of sails) Dual axle trailer with tires in good condition, also trailer...
  15. N

    NEW YORK Sunfish clone (Scorpion) - Cheap

    I'm trying to sell (cheaply) my complete but old Sunfish clone including its trailer. I’ve really enjoyed the boat for several seasons but I’m no longer agile enough to sail it. My sailing buddy moved home a couple of years ago (I prefer to sail in company for safety reasons). The boat needs...
  16. J

    J24 Trailer For Sale

    Located in Vancouver, Canada. Needs new lights and probably wheel bearings, but otherwise in good working condition. $500
  17. B

    CANADA Looking for a Laser Trailer

    Hi, I'm looking for a Laser Trailer for a newly acquired boat for my son. Don't foresee much travel over the next few weeks but really am not enjoying the prospect of loading this thing up on the roof again anytime soon. I'm willing to travel for a decent deal. If anyone has any leads, please...
  18. J

    J/24 For Sale, 1981, hull no. 2808, with trailer

    Asking price - $2,700 Equipment 5 HP 2-cycle Evinrude outboard with long shaft 3-gallon metal gas tank Single axle trailer All required lines (sheets, dock lines, all other lines needed for rigging) Harken blocks Barient winches 2 Winch handles Tiller extension Danforth-style anchor with chain...
  19. S

    Wanted: Trailer

    I am located in Buffalo, N.Y. Call me at 646-504-1731. --Jonathan
  20. D

    CALIFORNIA Laser + Trailer for sale in Huntington Beach, Ca

    Laser sailboat – Standard size mast & sail, Harken Racing Rig (cost $350), self-bailor, new lines, newish padded hiking strap, new weather resistant and breathable deck cover, sail in great condition; with trailer. Boat and trailer registration are both current. A lot of fun! $1700 obo