1. J

    CALIFORNIA Laser Blades and Carbon tiller for sale

    Laser GRP centerboard and Rudder and Carbon tiller for sale. Blades have only been used a few times since new and have been stored in a bag with edge protectors on when not in use. Very minor scratches and chips on centerboard. Rudderhas no scratches. I believe the tiller is a black diamond...
  2. A

    NEW YORK Laser XD Carbon Fiber Tiller and Tiller Extension

    New, never used Laser XD carbon fiber tiller and tiller extension for sale. Inventory clearance. $300 for the pair.
  3. Admiral Hornblower

    OHIO looking for used carbon tiller and extension

    looking for used carbon tiller and extension.
  4. B

    Expired  WANTED: twing pulleys, genoa sheet blocks, spin pole, tiller extension

    Looking for twing pulleys/line system. Looking for 55mm rachet block/pulleys for Genoa. Looking for a used spin pole. Looking for a tiller Located in Chicago, New to searching for parts. Please point me in the right direction. Thank you
  5. W

    OHIO Nylon or Aluminum Sunfish Rudder Head / Cheek

    Looking for a used nylon / plastic or aluminum rudder head or cheek for a 1981 Sunfish restoration project. I also need a pintel pin but could easily obtain one new elsewhere. As you know but for clarity, what I want attaches to the rudder blade to make a complete rudder. I have a set of...
  6. NickolasG

    Carbon tiller

    Hi All! Europeans RDL in Athens are done, and I've got a boat after that event. Aussie 210... in very good condition. Now I have everything, including tiller and tiller extension and now I'm stuck with 1 question : is better to use carbon tiller (flat) or continue sailing with a stock one (...
  7. J

    Capri 14.2 - Parts needed

    I have a 1989 Capri 14.2 in need of a mainsail, rudder and tiller which were lost in a fire. Looking to replace. Please contact me.
  8. C

    Pre-1972 Rudder & Tiller Assembly

    Extra rudder/tiller that came with my boat. Looks a little rough, but seems solid.
  9. J

    Laser RWO aluminum tiller and extension

    Laser RWO light weight aluminum tiller and composite extension. Excellent condition, hardly used. $50 plus $15 shipping within continental US. Tiller is 39", extension is 42". John
  10. B

    Laser rudder, tiller, carbon extension wanted

    Buyer in Westport CT 2 CPYC will pay for shipping. Also need Vang, all lines boom and lower section for 4.7 Mobile 203-461-1418 or text
  11. H

    Acme Black Diamond tiller with Fatso Jr extension for sale (2x)

    Two like-new Black Diamond tillers with Fatso Jr extensions for sale at $200! Very lightweight and strong, both of these pieces are the gold standard in Laser sailing. For sale through the University of Wisconsin, can be found here: UW SWAP Online Auction.
  12. W

    Looking to trade a 48" tiller extension for a 42"

    I have a virtually new 48 inch tiller extension that's more length than I need -- willing to trade it for a 42" extension in good condition. If you're in the Chicagoland area and this sounds like a possibility, let me know.
  13. S

    Laser Tiller

    Hey, so I'm currently using the Black Diamond tiller and it keeps hitting the cleat for the traveler. I have done so many repairs on it but in the end it just ends up hitting the cleat after a day out sailing... Does anyone have any tips on how to stop this problem? I also have the XD tiller but...
  14. L

    Rudder/Tiller for older Sunfish

    I have a rudder/ tiller and all the brass hardware necessary to restore your older model Sunfish. Please call 231-838-2344 for photos or more information. Will consider best offer. Thank you.
  15. Jamey Fisher

    Expired  Project or parts Boat: J-24 #117

    Contact: Jamey Fisher at [email protected] Willing to sell the whole boats or major components first, then trailer and secondary parts. I am the second owner and have owned it since 1984. The boat has always been dry sailed off the trailer. The boat has always been sailed in fresh...