super sunfish

  1. willyb

    SOLD  WISCONSIN AMF Alcort Super Sunfish sailboat with trailer

    Super Sunfish complete original high performance package, plus a few extras such as locking cleats. This 1981 boat has been pampered by its one owner. It has always been garage stored, sailed in fresh water, cleaned and regularly waxed, exceptionally well looked after. The entire package –...
  2. 2

    Super sunfish

    I acquired a small sailboat and would like to sell/give it away. My concern is that the hull is clearly a Mini fish II and the rigging is for a Super fish...I know they work together, as several of my siblings have used the boat over the last 15 years, but as I make it available for sale, should...
  3. J

    Two Complete Sunfish With Trailer

    I have 2 Sunfish sailboats for sale. Both are dry and have been stored indoors for most of their life and have been in fresh water. Both boats have standard rigging one has a new sail that was removed from the package but never used the other was repaired at doyle sail loft. One of the boats is...