super porpoise

  1. mneedham

    Super Porpoise Newbie

    Hello: I just acquired a Super Porpoise from a neighbor on an inland lake in Michigan. The boat has a few rough spots, but I have everything I need to sail it with the following exceptions: 1) no dagger board - the previous owner has looked everywhere but can't locate the part; I have a few...
  2. R

    WANTED: Super Porpoise Sail

    That pretty much covers it. Trying to get this old boat going and the original sail ripped to shreds in 3 kts of wind on the trial run. Thanks, Marty Canandaigua, NY
  3. tag

    storing a Sunfish standing up

    Over this weekend, I needed to get my Super Porpoise out of the way to get my Sunfish and Minifish ready to take on vacation to Lake Michigan. my barn is in a bit of a disarray right now, so my best option seemed to be storing the boat vertically. I know it's been talked about various times on...