1. TT ZZ

    Wi, Mn, Mi, Il, Sunfish wanted

    Wanted one Sunfish sailboat. Will travel to pick up even in border states. Cash for the right boat. Please E-mail or message me photos, cost, contact details and city + state the boat is located in to TZ234 at gmx . com. Hull needs to be dry. I am located in Forest County which is in the...
  2. Gail

    Please come to Michigan Open Sunfish Championship

    Gull Lake Sunfish Fleet #704 invites you to the Fifth Annual Michigan Open Championship to be held on Gull Lake, Richland, Michigan, June 4-5, 2016. See our Notice of Race on the internet ( for complete details. Note...
  3. P

    Looking for Right-On trailer for Sunfish

    Need a sunfish trailer with a dolly .solo new sailor . Used right on or similar type thx
  4. Drew Kobasa

    Sunfish Hull Repair Help

    Hi guys, I just bought my first sunfish last weekend. It's a 1988. I got a great deal on it with a racing sail, but it has some damage. The guy I bought it from said during the winter wind flipped the sailboat and the impact caused the crack. I've looked through the forums, but I haven't found...
  5. S

    Used Sunfish wanted in Alaska

    My children are finally old enough to start learning to sail. Looking for basic setup - nothing fancy and ugly / needs a little work is OK. Season is short up here (just North of Anchorage) but wind is pretty decent. No small sailboats to be found via local ads so I will consider having a boat...
  6. T

    Restoring a Sunfish?

    I'm new to sailing and boats in general and don't know that much about repairing boats. I recently came into possession of a sunfish sailboat and I would like to restore it if possible. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I believe the boat is from the 1980s. There is a sticker that...
  7. A

    Used Sunfish Wanted in New England

    I am new to sailing and am looking for a used sunfish in good condition for sale. I'm only interested in complete boats with everything needed to sail. No cracks or water in the hull. I'd prefer to have a trailer included but this isn't required if the price is right. I am located in central...
  8. K

    2007 sunfish with trailer

    OBO For sale great condition will post pics or send if there is interest Vanguard Venture Bunk Trailer 700lbs limit Foil bag Cover
  9. N

    1978 Sunfish

    1978 Sunfish. White with red chevron stripes. Sale is red and white. Wooden center board and rudder. Everything is in good condition. The trailer is included. Part of estate sale.
  10. J

    Need a mast, sail and trailer for sunfish

    I have an old wooden sunfish that needs a mast and a sail, i'm in Richmond VA. I will have to get out in the snow and check the diameter of the mast i need I also need a trailer or suggestions on building one or what is the best type to get i'm very new to all this thanks
  11. S

    1975 Sunfish Mast/Boom and Sail Wanted

    In need of a mast/boom and sail for a 1975 Sunfish hull. Please let me know if you have any (locally) for sale. Thank you!!
  12. U

    Pennsylvania Annual Championship for Sunfish and Fall Laser Regatta Oct 17th

    We are inviting all Laser and Sunfish sailors to our annual regatta Oct 17th Philadelphia area - NOR