sunfish & trailer storage

  1. Sailbad the Sinner

    Transporting the Sunfish of my childhood

    Hello All! This is my first post here. I will be inheriting my grandfather's 13.9' Sunfish, which I sailed extensively as a kid, in a couple weeks. We will be picking it up in TN on our way back to Arkansas. We have a Subaru Forester with a tow hitch. We were thinking of renting a UHAUL...
  2. Benswingin

    Wood roof-rack for Tacoma

    First post, just joined today. Heading to Lake Moomaw. My wife bought me a sunfish for $50. I was scared to open the sail bag, but turns out the sails are new. Lucky me! Boat has been sitting turned over in the woods in a pile of leaves for 3 years. I built a wood rack for it a couple of nights...
  3. M

    Looking For Cheap Sunfish Storage - San Francisco Bay

    I have an older Sunfish and Trailer and trying to find a cost effective space to store my Sunfish and 14 Foot Trailer during December - May months around the San Francisco Bay Area. Thank you, Mike B.