sunfish - race ready with all equipment needed

  1. B

    NEW YORK Seeking ‘Race’ Sunfish; 2001 or newer

    I'm looking to buy a Sunfish, 2001 or newer, that is ready to race. This is my second year racing, and I'm at the point where my old boat is slowing me down.
  2. DownEastSailor

    NORTH CAROLINA Seeking 2001+ Sunfish

    2001 or newer Sunfish in good shape. Race ready would be even better, but not mandatory. Willing to drive a couple of hours if need be, I'm in Eastern NC.
  3. D

    2019 Bonaire Worlds Sunfish Package - SOLD OUT

    SOLD OUT: We are out of Event Sunfish Race Versions. Contact us if you're looking for new or used Sunfish. We have a limited stock of Sunfish Race Versions available from the 2019 Sunfish World Championships from Bonaire. These boats were sailed in the 2019 Worlds but are 2020 models. These...
  4. G

    Sunfish: race ready with Roll-On dolly trailer

    Fully rigged for racing. 2004 Hull All new covers: sail, top, bottom. Blade bag, extra light air main sheet. View port, Cam block with deck jam cleats. Right on trailer (boat remains on dolly and rolls onto trailer) in like-New condition. Boat used only for frostbite season. Unused for past 2...