1. D

    Expired  Spinnaker for sale

    Used Z sail class spinnaker for sale still lots of life, $300 usd plus shipping
  2. M

    Expired  One Regatta old Quantum sails for sale! Perfect condition!

    2019 worlds Genoa for sale. Perfect condition 9 races of use only. Stored exclusively indoors in climate controlled environment 2000 CAD 2019 worlds Jib for sale. Better than perfect condition 1 race use only. Stored exclusively indoors in climate controlled environment 1250 CAD 2017...
  3. J

    Expired  Quantum spinnaker 2009 $750

    Very nice Quantum spinnaker. No rips, tears, holes. Royalty tag. White. Very crispy. Sail number can be removed. Charlotte, NC
  4. J

    Expired  North Sails spinnaker $500

    Nice clean NS spinnaker. Numbers are non removable. Clean, no large stains, a few dime size holes (3). White. Royalty tag. Not sure of age. Still crisp. Buyer to pay shipping. Charlotte, NC
  5. L

    Expired  J24 Spinnaker only 12 months of race

    J24 Spinnaker only 12 months of race J24 certified Located in Miami, FL (possibly to ship) $700 Lionel 786-614-5723
  6. D

    Expired  Used spinnakers budget friendly

    Class spinnakers for sale both in good condition no rips or tears. Shipping available in North America SOLD $600usd Red Somerset Spinnaker 8/10 very crispy $450usd White Z sails 6/10 - well used but still lots of life
  7. Z

    Expired  Brand New Ullman Sails that were delivered at Miami Worlds

    J24 North American Champion Deke Klatt designed Main, Genoa and Spinnaker Main is absolutely like brand new and has been up the rig only 7 days. $1500 Genoa was used in only 4 races in Miami. $1800 Big Foot Spinnaker proved to very quick downwind. $1700 The genoa picture is from when we built...
  8. W

    Expired  New Quantum Genoa and Spinnaker

    New Quantum spinnaker (all white) and genoa for sale. Used one light air regatta. Please feel free to ask questions.
  9. B

    Expired  J24 Main, Jib, Genoa, and Spinnakers

    Complete set of sails (Jib,Genoa,Main,Spinnaker), each set used for 1,2, or 3 seasons. Any sail within a season priced the same and sold separately. contact Bill at [email protected]
  10. Areiser

    Expired  2 Spinnakers For Sale

    White, Teal and Pink Tri - 95 Sobstad - Clean shape and good condition for it's age - 2 patches - Crispy 6/10 - $250 + Shipping (was $350) Teal with Broad Pink Stripe - North Sails - Very clean - 3 patches. - Crispy 8/10 - $450 + Shipping (was $550)