1. L&VW

    Aluminum Trim Section...

    'Need about 14 inches of trim to match the gentle curve area located by the drain plug in the deck. (Cut it out from a similar piece already damaged—then buy a replacement—using the proceeds to help fund it). :cool: My latest Sunfish was delivered with a heavily-corroded 5-inch section of...
  2. iSail

    Laser Radial/4.7 Lower Section - NJ

    I'm looking to purchase a used radial or 4.7 lower section. I'm located in NJ but I'd be willing to travel. I'll also be driving down to Florida in the next few weeks so I'd be able to meet up anywhere along the way. Thanks!
  3. Erik Bowers

    Bowers Campaign Sails and Aussie Spars

    Several standard rig Hyde sails available for purchase. Varying degrees of usage. Numerous sails with 2 weeks of use available for $300 each. 2 sails with 2 days use each for $450 each. 1 sail never used for $500 _____________________________________________________________ I also have 3...