1. skippercirelli

    SOLD : Laser Full Rig - great condition, newer rigging, air tight

    Laser is air tight, rigid, hull in great condition. New deck rigging. Everything newly bedded (as of 8 months ago) Hull has no soft spots, and is rigid. The boat is airtight - and can be proved by unscrewing the drain plug and listening to air escape(depending on temp). Sails crispy, one new...
  2. A

    RHODE ISLAND Laser; 2000 (?) Hull, Dolley, Trailer, All Equipment - $2,000

    Details: Full rig Laser (hull year: 2000) Mast: carbon fiber one-piece Hull condition: Good Deck Condition: Very good What’s Included: Laser 1 full size sail (2 seasons of light use) All spars + rigging (mast, boom, all lines) Blades (centerboard + rudder both like new) Carbon fiber tiller...
  3. S

    2008 complete laser for sale

    I have a 2008 Laser Performance white Laser for sale I can sell it as a standard rig package or radial rig package for $5,100 I can sell it with both packages for $5,300 Nice race boat with everything you need to compete. Lots of extras. Carbon tiller Carbon tiller ext 15:1 Harken vang...
  4. M

    TEXAS Vintage style sunfish rudder for sale $150

    Hello, Selling a vintage style sunfish rudder. It is in good condition as seen in the pictures. $150 + Shipping from 76039
  5. A

    NEW YORK 2010 Laser for Sale on Long Island Sound

    The boat is located in New London, CT until the end of May 2019. Starting Summer 2019 boat is located on Shelter Island, NY.
  6. Garrett12

    1971 Sunfish Sailboat (Restored w/ upgrades)

    I have for sale a 1971 Sunfish Sailboat that I restored / upgraded with lots of extras. -1971 Sunfish Sailboat -Rudder upgrade (New rudder, tiller, tiller extension) -New sail -Refurbished Dagger Board -New Bailer -New hiking strap -Block -Access ports (1 with bag) -Deck cover (Mast down) -Spar...
  7. S

    2000 Laser with Trailer and Dolly. $3000 CAD OBO

    I have a Laser that has been out of the water for maybe 3 years now :( I have a kid and pregnant wife and I think I want to get something a bit bigger to take them all out. My racing days are temporarily over! Included: 2 x Sails (one nice racing one, and one practice one that has been...
  8. J

    1976 Sunfish with white sail

    Hey all, I have a 1976 sunfish that isn't being used anymore. Comes with: White race sail wooden center board wooden rudder (cracked & needs to be replaced) all lines justinc97 has shared 9 photos with you! Once the rudder is replaced/repaired it is ready to get out on the water Can...
  9. iSail

    2010 Laser

    The hull is in great condition. Always stored indoors for the winter and rarely used in the past 2 years. Includes: Seitech Dolly Top & Bottom Covers Blade Bag 3 Radial Sails (1 Racing and 2 Practice) All Upgraded Blocks and Lines Carbon Fiber Tiller Carbon Fiber Tiller Extension Feel free to...
  10. TT ZZ

    Wi, Mn, Mi, Il, and Oh Laser wanted

    Wanted one Laser sailboat. Will travel to pick up even in border states including Ohio. Cash for the right boat. Please E-mail or message me photos, cost, contact details and city + state the boat is located in to TZ234 at gmx . com. Hull needs to be dry. I am located in Forest County which is...