1. R

    What year is my sailfish?

    I just bought a super sailfish and don't know the year, haven't seen any serial numbers on it but it's been raining since I picked it up this weekend. It has an elephant ear rudder, aluminum mast and spars and a rotted sunfish sail. On first glance the boat appears to be fiberglass as the top...
  2. S

    INDIANA Sailfish MKII rudder assembly

    I just got possession of a Super Sailfish MKII (according to the spec chart). It needs a rudder/tiller assembly and dagger board. I cannot find any specs or any replacements. Any thoughts or ideas?
  3. Alan S. Glos

    NEW YORK Super Sailfish Mark II Spar Sets For Sale

    I have two nice Super Saillfish Mark II spar sets (mast with mast head halyard block, upper boom, lower boom with Wilcox-Crittenden mainsheet blocks, gooseneck and all end-caps and connecting hardware.) These are freshwater spars in good to very good condition. These spars are for a 75 sq. ft...
  4. merlinito

    Time to get my Super Sailfish MKII on the lake!

    Hello fellow sailors. I grew up sailing Sunfish & Sailfish boats in NW New Jersey from the time I could swim the boat home. I purchased this Sailfish in 2013 for a steal, sadly between this picture and purchase the previous owner left the boat with rigging up for three weeks on the side of a...
  5. M

    Original Sailfish Sail

    Any idea how much a 65 square foot Sailfish sail is worth? I got one by accident when I meant to buy one for my Sailfish MKII. It's all white with the sailfish logo.
  6. Alan S. Glos

    Sailfish (not Sunfish) Mahogany Daggerboard For Sale

    Rare, genuine factory issue Sailfish mahogany daggerboard for sale. 31" length overall, 9.5" wide and 3/4" thick, This will fit any of the original wood or fiberglass Sailfish hulls. Can be used as-is but could use a coat or two of varnish. No splits, cracks or major dings. Side handles are...
  7. F

    1960s Fiberglass Super Sailfish

    I have great memories of sailing a wooden Sailfish in Maine as a boy. After being out for few hours it would get waterlogged and I'd be sailing it back an inch or two under water. Maybe that is why LIFE Magazine referred to it as the "World's Wettest, Sportiest Boat". ;-) I purchased a 1960s...
  8. Alan S. Glos

    Sailfish sail, spars, rudder assembly, and daggerboard

    Sailfish (not Sunfish) Sail, spars, rudder assembly and daggerbord for sale. Sail. This sail came from a standard fiberglass Sailfish, not the larger Super Sailfish. Overall very good to excellent condition. Very good aerodynamic shape. Age unknown, but it in remarkably good condition...
  9. C

    SAILFISH Sailboat – Olympic Colors; Excellent Condition

    SAILFISH Sailboat – Olympic Colors Excellent Condition 1972 AMF Alcort Super SAILFISH MK-II Sailboat. Original Excellent like new condition. The Sailfish was the predecessor to the Sunfish. All white boat with red and blue racing stripes across the bow. Olympic colored sail; red, white, and...
  10. S

    Super Sailfish MKII Inspection ports

    Hi folks, New to the forum and new owner of a super sailfish in need of some TLC. Foam is definitely waterlogged so will need to dry it out. There is currently a crack/hole in the deck about 3" behind and to port of the bow handle. crack is large enough for me to get fingers in to feel foam...
  11. L

    Sailfish vs. Sunfish dagger board

    Hey gang. I have heard that the fiberglass Sailfish had a different rudder assembly than the Sunfish so a Sunfish rudder would not work on a Sailfish, but I was wondering if the daggerboards were interchangeable?
  12. S

    Sailfish Identification and Inspection

    Hi, This is my first post to sailingforums. I acquired a AMF Alcort Sailfish from a co-worker for $100. It was stored behind a shed (they don't know how long). Sails and rudders were kept indoors. Here are a few pictures of before and after cleaning it up. Here is a picture of the...