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    2002 Hunter 356 sailing vessel

    2002 Hunter 356 sailing vessel Our loved Hunter 356 is on the market and waiting for new adventures with her new owners. We truly love this boat; she took our family on thousands of miles. This boat is a fantastic sailor, comfortable, clean, and in beautiful condition. The queen sized master...
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    Dayton Marine Catyak II sail WANTED

    Hello all, I've followed this forum for quite a while without signing up, ever since I got my first sailboat about 2 years ago. As a new homeowner on the Delaware river, I fell in love with sailing immediately with that first boat. Unfortunately, that boat no longer has a sail. The Catyak that...
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    New Owner Help

    Hey, So I recently bought a 1968 31' Seafarer (first boat) in Sausalito California, and I think it may have been a mistake. I had been looking at buying my first sailboat 2 years ago, in the price range of 10-15k... Something for live aboard and learning to sail. I recently traveled the US by...