1. J

    Standard Rig APS Training Sail - Like New

    Used maybe 6-8 times total. Sail is as crispy as it was the day I bought it.
  2. SmprFidels

    Mid 70s Sunfish and racing parts

    Please see add here. $1400 Sunfish Sailboat Nauty Heeler Ready to sail aprox. 1975
  3. A

    Sunfish parts needed...

    Looking for basically everything for a 1978 Sunfish - just got a hull (only), for free. Interested in good parts cheap - not overpriced used parts! I've owned, repaired, refurbished & resold hundreds of Sunfish & Lasers years ago when living on Cape Cod...
  4. M

    2014 J/24 Genoa for sale $1000 CAD

    2014 Haarstick genoa for sale. Less than 14 days use. Tri-radial technora. will ship to US email: mike at
  5. TT ZZ

    Wi, Mn, Mi, Il, Sunfish wanted

    Wanted one Sunfish sailboat. Will travel to pick up even in border states. Cash for the right boat. Please E-mail or message me photos, cost, contact details and city + state the boat is located in to TZ234 at gmx . com. Hull needs to be dry. I am located in Forest County which is in the...
  6. J

    Need a mast, sail and trailer for sunfish

    I have an old wooden sunfish that needs a mast and a sail, i'm in Richmond VA. I will have to get out in the snow and check the diameter of the mast i need I also need a trailer or suggestions on building one or what is the best type to get i'm very new to all this thanks
  7. K

    183879 For Sale

    Must Sell Great fast and stiff boat. Has not been sailed much in the last few years. Race Line package with Holt vang Practice Sails Seitech Dolley Great top and bottom covers, Carbon Fiber tiller and hiking stick Blade bag Padded hiking strap Other items including radial rig and rolled main...
  8. S

    1975 Sunfish Mast/Boom and Sail Wanted

    In need of a mast/boom and sail for a 1975 Sunfish hull. Please let me know if you have any (locally) for sale. Thank you!!
  9. Y

    Keeping the sail out

    I know I've seen it but can't find it. So need to ask. In very light wind how do I keep my sail out going down wind? I thought there was a way using bungee cords. Maybe using the sheet somehow? or the halyard? A description would be great, even better a link to pics or video.