1. ClaVaPa1

    Repair  Does replacing the sail window break rule compliance?

    So, have this old training sail that I am about to sell for €150... Before selling it, I wanted to repair the window decently because it had a bunch of holes sealed with tape / adhesive Dacron. A sailmaker advised that the only way was to replace the entire thing, so I trusted him and let him...
  2. ClaVaPa1

    Can you bring a phone along or papers when you race?

    I do often find myself going out alone, and for safety reasons I bring a phone along. My question is if I can still do this during races and If I am allowed to stick a piece of paper with weather data inside the cockpit. Don't worry, I still haven't tried, and I am asking because I want to...
  3. 4

    Hypothetical Helium filled laser

    Just out of curiosity- would it be possible to cut a few pounds by filling a laser with helium? I know at least one America’s cup has used this technique to raise their waterline. Does that mean it isn’t illegal? How much helium would it even take to fill a laser? If you were to fill it up...