1. J

    420 Sail has poor shape.

    Bought an older 420 that I’m trying to rig correctly. The thing was a bargain, but over the years got jury/jerry rigged together so it needs some work. The problem I’m having, is that the mainsail has quite a bit of sag down the bottom(see pictures). All three corners of the sail are tight and...
  2. CapeCodBubs

    Is Laser Rigging the same for all?

    Hi, I'm brand new here and excited to have purchased an older (no numbers on it) Laser in good shape with a 2009 EZ Load trailer for a reasonable price ($1500). I can't figure out the age. It has no numbers engraved and the aluminum label which most likely had all the sailboats info is totally...
  3. ClaVaPa1

    How do I remove a broken, headless, rusty screw from my deck??

    Hi All, It had been around a month after I had noticed a bit of rust coming out of one of the screws of my control lines cleat on the deck... So yesterday I finally had a day where I was not in a rush and could take my toolkit to the club and attempt to replace it. I go there with my...
  4. P

    Laser Bahia Center Board Question

    I recently purchased a 2011 Laser Bahia. I've been going over the boat in my driveway and about ready to do a dry land set-up before I head to the lake. I won't look like novice that doesn't know what he's doing. Everything seems to be complete except the centerboard control. All of the lines...
  5. M

    WISCONSIN Parts - Mast, Cubby Sleeve, Centerboard, and Rigging available, Northern WI/MN

    I have a spare Mast and other components available when I replaced my hull with a donor in 2019. Great Condition, other than used. The donor had everything except sails and boom. Good PDF Manual/How to Sail on Capri 14.2 - http://marinaaquaticcenter.org/PDFs/manuallarge.pdf I will post...
  6. M

    1980 Laser M sail rigging

    Hello, we have come upon a 1980 Laser with an M sail and mast. . . but unsure about rigging this old style of sail, without a sock top. There is a block at the top of the mast, and the sail has a very long halyard attached to it. (Probably installed incorrectly.) But, there is no indication of...
  7. NickolasG

    LPE introduced new ARC-1 and ARC-2 rigs!

    Just opened my Facebook and updated my news feed and appeared post from LaserPerfomance with their new video about these rigs. To see the video tap on the link below [here|] Seems pretty interesting, but I guess the price will start from 3000€. Absolutely new sail, absolutely new spars that are...
  8. J

    Early Omega 14

    I bought a pretty early Omega 14, which had been in storage for some time, the model on the ID plate is O-14 and the serial # 456 and can't figure a few things out: First, there are no spreaders, and no sign on the mast of there ever having been any. The call out for the C-14 calls for shrouds...
  9. W

    Expired  Wanted: Shrouds w/ Turnbuckles and backstay

    Looking to upgrade. New or slightly used.
  10. T

    Titanium Chain Plates

    Have you examined your chain plates recently? If you have corrosion you have a huge problem. We make custom chain plates with Grade 5 Titanium. With Titanium, you will have to replace your chain plates one time. Call 302-725-0982 for a quote.
  11. MarkSumner

    Questions from a first time sailor — Phantom 14

    I happen to live on a little 60-acre lake that doesn't allow gas motors. After picking up a canoe, kayak, and paddleboat and working them all to death (I may be the only person who has put more than 500 miles on a paddleboat), I couldn't resist a spiffy 1980 Phatom that I spotted nearby...
  12. G

    1975 Alcort Force 5

    Wondering if anyone has pictures of how to rig a 1975 Alcort Force 5. The only diagrams and pictures that I can find online are for Force 5's from 1977 and up. They have some striking differences with the gear I have. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. N

    Laser2 mainsail halyard

    When the sail is raised I'm left with the wire as in the attached picture. How do I secure it? The only hardware on the mast seems to be in the wrong place and the wrong direction.
  14. T

    Just bought a used '85... need manual or rigging pics

    I just purchased an 85 Capris 14.2 from a yacht club that was retiring older boats. I had my pick of two... and picked the one in better condition with a nice trailer. Picked her up for $450. I believe its a Mod 2. I'm in northern Illinois... hoping to sail on Bangs Lake (Wauconda, IL), Lake...
  15. M

    Used Laser Controls Upgrade

    I'm selling on eBay, my used but Laser class legal vang, outhaul, cunningham and outhaul slide: Laser Sailboat Class Legal Vang Outhaul Cunningham
  16. Jeff Gallo

    Upgrade Rigging

    Hello i was wondering what the new and old rigging systems are on a laser and the differences between them. Also if i have a laser with old rigging can i upgrade it to the new rigging. thanks in advance.
  17. Jamey Fisher

    Expired  Project or parts Boat: J-24 #117

    Contact: Jamey Fisher at [email protected] Willing to sell the whole boats or major components first, then trailer and secondary parts. I am the second owner and have owned it since 1984. The boat has always been dry sailed off the trailer. The boat has always been sailed in fresh...