race sail

  1. S

    Older Sunfish Race Sail

    Older sunfish race sail with some repairs. $30, shipping extra.
  2. D

    2019 Bonaire Worlds Sunfish Package - SOLD OUT

    SOLD OUT: We are out of Event Sunfish Race Versions. Contact us if you're looking for new or used Sunfish. We have a limited stock of Sunfish Race Versions available from the 2019 Sunfish World Championships from Bonaire. These boats were sailed in the 2019 Worlds but are 2020 models. These...
  3. Toshinari Takayanagi

    How long does a race sail last?

    I am a masters Laser sailer who is actively sailing/racing but not super competitive. I participated Masters World for the past three years, and finished about in the middle. My question is: how often people renew the race sail for these major events? I guess it all depends on who the "people"...