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    New Project Questions

    I'm new to Sunfish and sailing in general. I just bought an old Sunfish last night. She doesn't have a HIN but a serial number instead. According to Timeline.pdf I think she was manufactured in 1966 and is among the last to have a halyard block. It...
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    Man-Powered Drive System on a Sailboat

    Hi, I am currently doing a project to incorporate a man-powered drive system to help with sailing through low wind conditions. I was wondering if anyone has seen or have experience with a man-powered drive system for low wind conditions (ie. pedal drives, other drive systems without a motor)...
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    12 foot sears fleetwind project

    Hi, I am relatively new to the whole sailing scene. A friend and I just acquired a sears fleetwind 12 foot. The hull is solid, and it sails decently. The top deck had the v-shaped guard just before the mast removed, and there was a really shoddy patch job done (the top layer has literally turned...