1. mbrown

    Looking for a beginner sailboat

    I am looking to start to get into sailing with the kids and am thinking it would be best to probably start out with a smaller 16ft and was wondering what might be some good options to seek out.
  2. JC sunfish

    Missing world sailing plaques on 2021 and newer boats

    Heads up to anyone out there with a 2021 or newer sunfish. The following are the recent emails from the ISCA regarding the forged or missing world sailing plaques, just discovered my boat doesn't have one: #1 "World Sailing Plaques: Additional news is that ISCA has been working closely with...
  3. NickolasG

    LPE introduced new ARC-1 and ARC-2 rigs!

    Just opened my Facebook and updated my news feed and appeared post from LaserPerfomance with their new video about these rigs. To see the video tap on the link below [here|] Seems pretty interesting, but I guess the price will start from 3000€. Absolutely new sail, absolutely new spars that are...
  4. K

    New Owner Help

    Hey, So I recently bought a 1968 31' Seafarer (first boat) in Sausalito California, and I think it may have been a mistake. I had been looking at buying my first sailboat 2 years ago, in the price range of 10-15k... Something for live aboard and learning to sail. I recently traveled the US by...
  5. HansZZ


    Welcome, I'm new here . So happy find such a forum, loves Sailing