mark ii


    OHIO Used MARK II Sail and Bottom Section *WANTED*

    Looking for Mk2 Laser sail and standard bottom section. Needed ASAP. If you have either and are looking to sell, don't hesitate to email me a picture and price:
  2. D

    CALIFORNIA SOLD - New/Unused Laser Sail Standard Full Mark II w/ battens! - San Diego

    New/Unused Laser Sail Standard Full Mark II Folded, in sail bag Comes with sail numbers ready to be installed Also includes Mark II batten set (extra $60 value) Background: We bought a full rig laser recently, which came with several full sails including this unused one. My son is sailing...
  3. Toshinari Takayanagi

    Any experience from Laser Mk2 practice sail from IntensitySails

    IntensitySails now sells practice sail for Laser Mk2 radial cut for $199 (Practice Sail for Laser® Mk2 Radial Cut Full Rig). I bought Laser Radial practice sail from them a little while ago and I have been very happy about the quality, so I am interested in buying this one as well. If someone...