laser trailer

  1. laser161897

    Triple stack laser trailer

    triple stack laser trailer, always maintained very well. Custom built, need to sell, make an offer. Email for photos.
  2. D

    Laser Trailer Wanted

    Looking for an inexpensive trailer to tow an old laser. Must be in good working condition. Do not want to worry about one that needs work. Prefer one with a winch and rollers...I'll be using by myself, mostly, so I'm looking for something easy to load (I'm a smaller, slightly older, female ;))...
  3. M

    2007 Laser Pro-Rig Full & Radial Sail Sailboat w trailer, dollie & cover

    2007 Pro-rig Laser sailboat in excellent, race-ready condition, including all of the following gear: Pro-rig vang, cunningham and outhaul Both radial and full-rig setups, with class legal sails. Radial and full-rig Sails are in very good shape, suitable for club/local racing Trailex custom-fit...
  4. E

    Laser Trailer

    Laser Trailex trailer. Bearing repacked, tires ok but not great. Lights work. Tounge very very slightly bent but is fine. Pictures in Trailex website
  5. M

    2005 Pro-Rig Radial Laser with Trailer, Dolly, Covers and Carbon Fiber Tiller

    2005 Scarlet over White Laser - This boat was used by two different juniors since new, but was stored unused for 4 years between the two sailors. I sold this boat to one of the juniors in our club three years ago and he used it for three summers - 2012, 2013 and 2014. The boat is in very solid...