laser sailboat

  1. A

    NEW YORK Laser Deck Cover for sale

    Brand new in box Laser Performance Deck Cover. $225. 3 available.
  2. A

    NEW YORK Laser XD Carbon Fiber Tiller and Tiller Extension

    New, never used Laser XD carbon fiber tiller and tiller extension for sale. Inventory clearance. $300 for the pair.
  3. That Midwest sailor

    Laser repair question

    Hello all, I recently picked up an old laser (pretty sure it’s a 1979) from one of my fathers friends that wanted to get rid of it. Supposedly he hasent sailed for ever and it’s been garage kept at a cabin untouched for 20 something years. However it was kept on a standard small boat trailer...
  4. ROB12345987373828282728

    FLORIDA Looking for laser

    Looking for a laser around South Florida. Most likely under 2k but the cheaper the better. Please send all options as I can consider different prices/ conditions. Thanks for reading!
  5. C

    COLORADO Laser boat for sale!

    I have a great boat that has been in the family since bought new in 1974. It has not had much use and has always been indoor stored, no use in the past decade. It workes perfectly, no leaks, comes with everything for rigging, trailer, and a dynamic laser dolly. There was a break in the deck near...
  6. M

    1995 Laser Full Rig Sailboat w Pro-rig, dolly & cover. Trailer avail

    1995 Full-rig Laser sailboat in solid club or regional racing condition including all of the following gear: Pro-rig Vang, cunningham and outhaul are all present Your choice of either a Full rig or Radial setup, with a class legal, club-race quality sail for either rig. Blades - rudder and...
  7. M

    SOLD AT ASKING PRICE IN TWO WEEKS Two 1990 Laser Full Rig Sail Sailboats on a trailer

    Two 1990 Pro-rig Laser sailboat in excellent, race-ready condition, including all of the following gear: Vang, cunningham and outhaul are all present Full-rig setup, with a class legal sail for each boat Blades - rudder and daggerboard - are in good condition with usual dings, nothing major...
  8. I

    Laser ICE BLUE vs. normal Laser

    Hi, I was wondering the difference between the ICE BLUE laser and a normal colored laser. Is it a major color difference (like noticeably different from the original hull color)? Is it actually blue, or just really white? Is the deck also blue, or is it white or grey? And why does the Laser...
  9. M

    2007 Laser Pro-Rig Full & Radial Sail Sailboat w trailer, dollie & cover

    2007 Pro-rig Laser sailboat in excellent, race-ready condition, including all of the following gear: Pro-rig vang, cunningham and outhaul Both radial and full-rig setups, with class legal sails. Radial and full-rig Sails are in very good shape, suitable for club/local racing Trailex custom-fit...
  10. B

    2010 Laser Radial

    2010 Race Ready Laser Radial with sail, top/bottom covers, blade bag, spar bag, dolly and Right On dolly trailer. Sailed for 3 summers in junior program. Kept in a garage.
  11. M

    2005 Pro-Rig Radial Laser with Trailer, Dolly, Covers and Carbon Fiber Tiller

    2005 Scarlet over White Laser - This boat was used by two different juniors since new, but was stored unused for 4 years between the two sailors. I sold this boat to one of the juniors in our club three years ago and he used it for three summers - 2012, 2013 and 2014. The boat is in very solid...