laser radial

  1. M

    SOLD 2006 Laser Sailboat with Seitech Dolly, Trailer, Covers and Blade Bag w Full & Radial Rig

    2006 Full-rig Laser sailboat in solid club or regional racing condition including all of the following gear: Pro-rig Vang, cunningham and outhaul are all present Comes with both a Full rig and Radial setup, with a class legal, club-race quality sail for both rigs. Blades - rudder and daggerboard...
  2. inthe_wind

    My Laser spars have a 'Sunfish' manuf. sticker

    I am a new Laser sailor, just purchased a 1996 Laser - the hull is in great condition, but the spars need work. They have stickers on them identifying them as being made by Sunfish. Are they Class legal? I haven't measured them, but if anyone has the dimensions of the top and bottom, radial...
  3. L

    Painting a Laser

    Hi guys. I have recently been given a laser 1, however it is in quite a bad condition. The deck is marked and has had a few repairs and is a horrible cream colour. If possiable i would like to make this white, what would be the best way to go about this. Also as for the hull I am been...