laser parts

  1. U

    TEXAS Needed good Radial Sail, Main sheet, sm rigging lines, rudder, lg pocket

    Hi, Needing the above if you have them. Want very good to excellent condition. Will also consider a good used Mk II radial sail that you don't need again or any longer. Sail - MkII radial class sail or newer generation sail w/Battens. Main Sheet - about 50 feet, 5/16 so it's easy on hands...
  2. S

    CONNECTICUT Tons of quality laser parts

    I have gathered a lot of laser parts from over the years. Time to sell it all. To make things easy everything is 60% of LIST price. Will price things off Laser Performance or a dealer. Let's not haggle, 60% of list, firm. 2 items at the bottom of the list are new and 25% off LIST Buyer needs...
  3. Alan S. Glos

    NEW YORK Vintage Laser Parts for Sale

    I just salvaged an mid-1970s (best guess) Laser hull that was damaged beyond repair and have the following parts for sale: -A pair of nice wood cockpit grab rails. Mahogany with stainless steel attachment screws. Good shape but need varnish. Just the thing for a purist restor. project or...
  4. R

    Carbon Fibre Tiller and Acme Fatso Jr. extension

    Sold boat and kept the premium pieces. Like New Acme black diamond carbon fibre tiller and acme fatso junior extension; 48 inch. Was 450. USD. 300 cad. Foil protectors, 30.00 Harken air blocks 50.00 and a C- Vane still in box, 30.00. Email me. Prices are fair so only call to arrange time to come...
  5. N

    Laser Parts Wanted

    We need the following parts for our 70's Lasers: 2 daggerboards 2 rudders and tillers 1 legal Laser sail 2 stoppers (to keep water from entering hull) These parts were stolen from our locker at Austin Yacht Club. As a result, we just put our Lasers in storage in 1990 and they've been there...