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    2005 Laser Radial with Full Rigging and Dolly for Sale

    2005 Laser radial In very good condition. Includes: •Dolly •Boat cover •Rudder with Tiller •Centerboard •All Spars •Practice Sail •Racing Sail •Main Sheet •Full Downhaul •Sail Bag •Rudder and Daggerboard Bag •Boat Cover Contact info: email: phone number...
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    Laser Parts Wanted

    We need the following parts for our 70's Lasers: 2 daggerboards 2 rudders and tillers 1 legal Laser sail 2 stoppers (to keep water from entering hull) These parts were stolen from our locker at Austin Yacht Club. As a result, we just put our Lasers in storage in 1990 and they've been there...
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    GRP Blades Daggerboard Complete Rudder and APS Blade bag

    I have three auctions on eBay, one for each of the above items. Thanks for looking and the interest. Per my notes in the listings, I will sell all three items for $1,100 plus $50 shipping, but feel free to make offers. If we agree on a package price, I will need to do it as a private sale...