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    Expired  One Regatta old Quantum sails for sale! Perfect condition!

    2019 worlds Genoa for sale. Perfect condition 9 races of use only. Stored exclusively indoors in climate controlled environment 2000 CAD 2019 worlds Jib for sale. Better than perfect condition 1 race use only. Stored exclusively indoors in climate controlled environment 1250 CAD 2017...
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    NEW HAMPSHIRE Sails for a Laser Bahia

    For sale: main sail sport version (10.2 m2) - excellent condition, brand new jib (rolled in sail bag), brand new gennacker (still in orginal package). I recently bought a used 2011 Bahia and it came with two sets of sails and I'm selling one of the sets. Both mail sails were the larger sport...
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    Expired  OHIO Four main and Nine jibs for sale

    470 sails- used for Olimpic trials 4 mains-north sails 9 jibs- 6 north/3 ulmer $50 per jib and $60 per main
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    Expired  J24 Class Racing Sails- Mains (2 years old), Jibs (1 year old), Genoa, Kevlar, Mylar, Dacron

    Used jib and main sails removed from a J24 that was only used in the fresh waters of the Great Lakes All the jibs have only been used one season All the mains have only been used two seasons Sails are made of different materials including Dacron, mylar, and kevlar We have numerous different...
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    Expired  J24 Main, Jib, Genoa, and Spinnakers

    Complete set of sails (Jib,Genoa,Main,Spinnaker), each set used for 1,2, or 3 seasons. Any sail within a season priced the same and sold separately. contact Bill at [email protected]
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    Expired  2014- Haarstick Blade Jib- NEVER USED!!!

    Brand new never used.. arguably the fastest jib for all conditions. Sail was unrolled a few times while racing but never flown. Kris 585.329.0500 [email protected]