j24 quantum

  1. Charlie Cook

    J24 Quantum Genoa TG-1 For Sale

    Available for sale is a lightly-used TG-1 Genoa with maybe 10 days on it. A modification of our very successful tri-radial design, Technora provides the best of both worlds – a deeper sail for light winds and a relatively flatter sail when it gets windy. Technora is also the better choice for...
  2. Charlie Cook

    J24 Quantum Jib (TriRadial SF 100) For Sale

    For sale is a once-used, brand-new Quantum TriRadial SF 100 Jib. The one time it was used was at J24 Nationals 2 years ago by the Quantum sales rep. Built for 15+ knots, this sail is durable enough to handle the upper extreme while also being powerful enough for the occasional lull. It has...
  3. Charlie Cook

    J24 Quantum Mainsail TM-1 For Sale

    Nearly-new Quantum TM-1 Main for sale. Used 12-15 days, that's it. Featuring a powerful shape, the maximum leach profile increases helm and pointing ability. The reshaped upper portion results in a main sail that needs fewer and smaller adjustments, allowing you to focus on helming. When the...