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    CALIFORNIA Laser + Trailer for sale in Huntington Beach, Ca

    Laser sailboat – Standard size mast & sail, Harken Racing Rig (cost $350), self-bailor, new lines, newish padded hiking strap, new weather resistant and breathable deck cover, sail in great condition; with trailer. Boat and trailer registration are both current. A lot of fun! $1700 obo
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    MASSACHUSETTS Harken Hoister

    Harken Hoister Model 7803, 45-145 lb Load, 12' Hoist distance, 6:1 Mechanical Advantage Designed for one-person operation. Raise and lower with a single control rope. Patented design lifts and lowers loads evenly, regardless of weight distribution. Self-locking safety cleat grips instantly if...
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    CANADA Laser Harken Upgrade kit (for racing)

    Hi, I have a complete harken racing kit to sell. Complete with the vang, cunningham and outhaul. Also includes the two deckplates and the ropes. Everything is in great shape, cleats etc, only used 2 years during the summer so 6 months total. A couple scratches but nothing else. Never saw...
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    NEW YORK 2007 Laser Race w/Radial and Full Rig, New York

    I have a 2007 Laser Race for sale. This boat is in great condition and comes with every race upgrade and piece of gear you could want. The boat has been proven to be fast and always taken very good care of. The package includes: - 2007 Laser hull - Very Good Condition - Pro Upgraded Outhaul /...
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    Expired  Harken 32.2A Winch

    Does anybody have a 32.2A winch drum they want to get rid of? The rest of the winch is fine.....it is just the drum where the pawls slot into has got rough and now some won't open / close.
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    Sold at Asking Price 2015 Laser XD sailed 4 times - comes with choice of Full or Radial, dolly, Kitty Hawk trailer, covers and blade bag

    2015 all-white UK built Laser in great racing shape for sale. For a savings of over $3,600 vs out of a dealer stock, you get: - 2015 Laser Performance hull, with your choice of Full and Radial spars and rigging with Laser XD package of gear - GRP Blades - with no scratches. - Full rig setup...
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    SOLD  VIRGINIA SOLD AT ASKING PRICE 2001 Pro-Rig Laser w dolly, covers, blade bag and choice of Full or Radial Rigs

    2001 Full-rig Laser sailboat in solid club or regional racing condition including all of the following gear: Pro-rig Vang, cunningham and outhaul are all present Your choice of either a Full rig or Radial setup, with a class legal, club-race quality sail for either rig. Blades - rudder and...
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    Expired  Pair of Harken Lopez blocks $200 CDN

    Pair of Harken Lopez Blocks with cam cleats that were barely used. Asking $200 CDN for the pair plus freight.
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    Used Laser Controls Upgrade

    I'm selling on eBay, my used but Laser class legal vang, outhaul, cunningham and outhaul slide: Laser Sailboat Class Legal Vang Outhaul Cunningham