1. W

    Expired  Used Sails - North and Quantum

    Quantum Main Sale - Used at 6 regattas - $756 - SOLD North Main Sale - Used for 2 regattas and a summer of Fleet 43 sailing - $1,026 - SOLD North Genoa - Used for a couple of summers - $1012 North Genoa - 3 Regattas: North Americans 2021, US Nationals 2021, 2022 J-Daze, $1725 Also selling...
  2. J

    Expired  UK Genoa - New - $1700

    New Houston UK Genoa- Pedro cut still in box $1700
  3. M

    Expired  One Regatta old Quantum sails for sale! Perfect condition!

    2019 worlds Genoa for sale. Perfect condition 9 races of use only. Stored exclusively indoors in climate controlled environment 2000 CAD 2019 worlds Jib for sale. Better than perfect condition 1 race use only. Stored exclusively indoors in climate controlled environment 1250 CAD 2017...
  4. Hull 335

    Expired  Original J24 Headstay Foil

    I have an original headstay foil for a J24. Very good condition, the bearings in the ends are still good, no corrosion in the slot. Shoot me an offer, not looking for much. Located on Lake Ontario
  5. Z

    Expired  Brand New Ullman Sails that were delivered at Miami Worlds

    J24 North American Champion Deke Klatt designed Main, Genoa and Spinnaker Main is absolutely like brand new and has been up the rig only 7 days. $1500 Genoa was used in only 4 races in Miami. $1800 Big Foot Spinnaker proved to very quick downwind. $1700 The genoa picture is from when we built...
  6. R

    Expired  Looking for Club racing sails.

    Looking for a main and genoa for club racing. I don't want NEW sails and I don't want to pay for new sails. Let me know what you have, I'm ready to get the newly restored USA 564 on the course!
  7. B

    Expired  Need Genoa

    Looking for good racing Genoa with some life left. North preferred
  8. M

    Expired  2015 Quantum Genoa for Sale

    2015 Quantum Genoa for sail. Used in 4 regattas. Asking 1250 CAD. Will ship to Canada and USA. Contact: Mike AT howarthsailing DOT ca
  9. D

    Expired  North racing Genoa barely used

    I bought a racing J24 in Grenada, where by class agreement, we use the jib only. It's usually quite windy down here. A North racing genoa came with the boat and appears in new condition. I had a friend bring it up to NY as luggage, so please contact him if you're interested. I'm not sure...
  10. N

    Expired  J24 Class Racing Sails- Mains (2 years old), Jibs (1 year old), Genoa, Kevlar, Mylar, Dacron

    Used jib and main sails removed from a J24 that was only used in the fresh waters of the Great Lakes All the jibs have only been used one season All the mains have only been used two seasons Sails are made of different materials including Dacron, mylar, and kevlar We have numerous different...
  11. M

    Expired  Looking for Genoa

    Looking for a class genoa in excellent condition for hull number 1450. Mystic, CT, [email protected]
  12. Tonja-Siren2961

    Expired  Never Used J/24 Genoa (ZSails)

    I am selling a never-been-used J/24 ZSails Genoa. I purchased it around 2009 and it has been stored in climate control ever since. New is about $2400+tax. Will sell for $2000 plus shipping.
  13. M

    Expired  WTB J/24 Genoa

    I'd like to update the Genoa for my J/24. I participate in club racing and am looking for a Genoa with 2 seasons or less on it. Please PM me or send me an email, v[email protected], if you have a Genoa to sell. Thanks, Mark
  14. Jack Davis

    Expired  WTB Genoa

    Looking to buy a cheap genoa my budget is very low this will be my first season racing. Wanting to spend only about $200 please let me know if anyone has any retired sails I could buy. This is the last sail I need to complete the boat. -Jack
  15. S

    Expired  Looking to buy a Genoa and Main used for 1 or 2 seasons

    I am looking to refresh my club racing sails. I am looking for a Genoa and Main with 1 or 2 seasons on them. Please message me here if you are looking to upgrade and would be interested in selling your old ones.
  16. Charlotte Kinkade

    Expired  North Sails Main and Genoa FOR SALE

    Ahoy Friends! I still have sails for sale! For Sale: Brand New for J24 Worlds this year in Toronto - North Sails - Newport - Main & Genoa Main: $1,700 OBO Genoa: $1,500 OBO I would prefer to sell them as a set... (Brand new this set retails for $4,625- That's a 36.42% discount!) These sails...
  17. W

    Expired  New Quantum Genoa and Spinnaker

    New Quantum spinnaker (all white) and genoa for sale. Used one light air regatta. Please feel free to ask questions.
  18. B

    Expired  J24 Main, Jib, Genoa, and Spinnakers

    Complete set of sails (Jib,Genoa,Main,Spinnaker), each set used for 1,2, or 3 seasons. Any sail within a season priced the same and sold separately. contact Bill at [email protected]
  19. Mockssr

    Expired  2535 Shockwave

    Shockwave 2535 is a fast race boat I have been racing for a little over a year. I bought the boat last year for $6500 and put a lot more money into it. I then had professionals rebuilt the whole deck and seal the rear lazzertes as well as open up rear bulkheads like the newer race boats. I then...
  20. M

    Expired  2014 J/24 Genoa for sale $1000 CAD

    2014 Haarstick genoa for sale. Less than 14 days use. Tri-radial technora. will ship to US email: mike at