1. Mama H Chicago

    How to proceed - Gelcoat vs Paint over fairing

    UPDATED: Jamestown Distributors is not open today (Labor Day in the US). I would call them if I could, but I’m impatient and have the day to play with my boat. ;-) Is it okay to apply TotalBoat WAXLESS gelcoat over TotalFair, and then later cover that with Gelcoat with wax? My only current...
  2. N

    Removing a Bad Paint Job

    My recently-puchased 1966 Sunfish came with a poorly executed, poorly aged top paint job. I'm planing to just enjoy sailing the boat this summer, then putting some time in during the winter to get it looking a little better. I've read through all the thread on gelcoat wet sanding and/or top...
  3. C

    Boat repair and upkeep - advice wanted!

    Howdy everyone! I am a counselor at a summer camp in Maine currently in possession of four sunfish sailboats. These boats are very well loved and highly under cared for, with ages ranging from 4 years - long before my time. I grew up and learned to sail in some of them and would love to provide...
  4. Benswingin

    Wood roof-rack for Tacoma

    First post, just joined today. Heading to Lake Moomaw. My wife bought me a sunfish for $50. I was scared to open the sail bag, but turns out the sails are new. Lucky me! Boat has been sitting turned over in the woods in a pile of leaves for 3 years. I built a wood rack for it a couple of nights...
  5. T

    Laser Repair

    Hey all Working on bringing back this Laser and was wondering about best practices to repair the damage shown in the attached photos. She is obviously well worn so not looking to repair to class specs or anything but would like to tackle the gelcoat damage. Should I dremel these out, gelcoat...
  6. NickolasG

    Laser Repairing

    Hi all! I'm about to make mini "service/repairing" on my laser, because I've noticed that somewhere silicone is gone, somewhere I still have glue marks on a hull, somewhere I have some weird black lines (probably from rubbing with something). And the questions I've got are: 1) If I'm going to...
  7. Drew Kobasa

    Sunfish Hull Repair Help

    Hi guys, I just bought my first sunfish last weekend. It's a 1988. I got a great deal on it with a racing sail, but it has some damage. The guy I bought it from said during the winter wind flipped the sailboat and the impact caused the crack. I've looked through the forums, but I haven't found...