full or radial

  1. Jgoldberg

    CALIFORNIA 1987 Laser

    1987 laser Comes with: Dolly with solid wheels Top cover Full rig bottom section Radial bottom section Aluminum top section Boom Radial sail Two full rig sails Carbon tiller Aluminum tiller extension blades 15:1 Vang Battens Downhaul Outhaul
  2. 1sailor

    MICHIGAN Lasers for Sale -- Grand Rapids, MI

    TWO Lasers for sale. 1994 yellow boat. vang and cunningham upgrade, average condition for age, $1,400 WITH deck cover (not including dolly) 1996 teal colored boat. No upgrades. Better than average condition for age, no major cosmetic or structural issues, stiff deck, good bottom. $1,300 (not...