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    VIRGINIA Kitty Hawk trailer and Seitech Dolly Combos

    I have two sets of Kitty Hawk Galvanized Trailers, each with a Seitech Laser Dolly, for Sale. One trailer is a 2006. The other is 2008. I have titles for both trailers. Features: - Galvanized finish - Pivoting bow swivel - Stainless steel axle - Working lights - Greased bearings - 5...
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    Sold at Asking Price 2015 Laser XD sailed 4 times - comes with choice of Full or Radial, dolly, Kitty Hawk trailer, covers and blade bag

    2015 all-white UK built Laser in great racing shape for sale. For a savings of over $3,600 vs out of a dealer stock, you get: - 2015 Laser Performance hull, with your choice of Full and Radial spars and rigging with Laser XD package of gear - GRP Blades - with no scratches. - Full rig setup...
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    SOLD at ASKING PRICE 2015 Laser XD w new dolly, Covers, blade bag. New Kitty Hawk trailer available

    Bought this solid offwhite boat last aspring to be my new race boat, but have decided to scale my program back next year and keep sailing my older boat for another two years - until I am not paying for any kids in college. For a savings of over $2,750 vs out of a dealer stock, you get: - 2015...