drain plug

  1. jpjanke

    Do all sunfish have hull drain plugs?

    Just got an old sunfish, it has a cockpit drain, but I can not find any drain plug in the hull? Do some of them not have one?
  2. jpjanke

    To fix or not to fix

    We were just given 2 sunfish, one hull is just dirty, the other is pretty beat up but tight. Neither one seems to be heavy, both are missing drain plugs Mast and booms are great, missing 1 mast bottom. Have 3 rudder/tillers, 3 dagger boards. need varnish Might need a new set of sail rings...
  3. C

    need deck drain plugs for Alcort x 3

    Hi all, I have two 1965 sunfish that I need deck plugs for. These are the thick screw plugs with the chain to retain them (until it breaks or something, I guess - i've managed to lose 3 after all...) Am aware there are chrome versions out there but at $22 each, It hurts my stomach to buy...
  4. L&VW

    Looking for Drainplug Replacement and Ideas

    :) Actually able to remove a Sunfish drain-plug, I searched my local hardware store for a nylon replacement having the same ½-inch thread. They didn't have one, but suggested this stainless steel replacement.While I'm happy to have any piece of hardware to pre-lube and re-insert in those hulls...