1. Mr420

    C420 spars needed

    I am looking for a cheap used mast and boom for a c420. Based out of Boston. Contact me at [email protected] because my texting is busted. Thanks!!
  2. Tucacas

    What did I get

    Hi everybody, I am new to the forum and new to sailing. I just finished helping a 70 year old neighbor lady get rid of junk (filled her a 10 ton dumpster). She is just getting ready to move to FL. She is a beautiful person and I wish her the best. Well, after I got done (2 weeks later) she...
  3. L

    Buying a used 29er / Are these class legal?

    Hello, I just sold my 2012 Laser Radial and upgrading to a 29er with a teammate of mine. I have found this used 29er on kijiji and wondering if the sails are legal to race with? There is no numbering just 'ITA' and Volvo which I assume was from an event and the sails were used by an italian...
  4. S

    advice on small boat/dinghy purchase

    I am looking at what small sailboat to buy. Here are some factors to consider: 1) Live near Memphis Tn, so only a small man-made lake within 1 hour drive 2) one-person manning, but would like to take an adult or child guest 3) easily rigged 4) easy on back and knees 5) good in light wind or...
  5. H

    Shipping dinghy overseas

    Hi, I want to get an asymmetric canoe, but am located in hong kong, i found a sweet deal in England but have no idea how to ship it back to my home club?
  6. J

    Righting a capsized Laser 2

    Hello, I am planning to sail a laser 2 single handed. Do you guys know if a single person who weights about 65 kilos is heavy enough to right a laser 2 that capsized and turned turtle in a ˜15 knots wind? If yes, is this easy/hard? Thank you Best, James
  7. J

    Walker Bay 8 or 10 rigid

    I've searched high and low and I can't find anyone who has experienced righting a capsized Walker Bay rigid. It seems like it would be almost impossible to get back into it without the stabilizing tubes. Creative work-around maybe ? : ) James