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    CANADA Laser Harken Upgrade kit (for racing)

    Hi, I have a complete harken racing kit to sell. Complete with the vang, cunningham and outhaul. Also includes the two deckplates and the ropes. Everything is in great shape, cleats etc, only used 2 years during the summer so 6 months total. A couple scratches but nothing else. Never saw...
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    Wanted: Laser Radial Rigging, Sail, Mast, Cunningham, and Boom Vang

    First post, happy to be a part of the community! I've just purchased my first Laser, I race on a J/24 but I'm hopping to get a better handle on the essentials of the helm by practicing on my dinghy. Just wondering if anyone out there might have any of the aforementioned. If so, please don't...
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    Used Laser Controls Upgrade

    I'm selling on eBay, my used but Laser class legal vang, outhaul, cunningham and outhaul slide: Laser Sailboat Class Legal Vang Outhaul Cunningham