1. M

    Repeated capsizing

    Hey all, New to sailing, bought my first boat- a Capri 14.2 (1996). It has a hobie bob on it for anti-turtling and I have been reading forums here and anywhere I can find on tips and such but I still have a few questions. I've set up a MinnKota 30 for getting in and off the ramp. Since I'm new...
  2. J

    Righting a capsized Laser 2

    Hello, I am planning to sail a laser 2 single handed. Do you guys know if a single person who weights about 65 kilos is heavy enough to right a laser 2 that capsized and turned turtle in a ˜15 knots wind? If yes, is this easy/hard? Thank you Best, James
  3. N

    Need capsize help

    I'm a new sailor, and have had trouble after capsizing my laser. should I be holding onto the main sheet line so that the boat can't sail away on its own?? Or dropping it so that the sail can luff ? My instinct is to hold onto it. Thanks.