1. sadkins372

    PENNSYLVANIA Used Dolly and Spars/Mast Wanted (Western PA to Rochester, NY)

    We are looking for a used Sunfish or Laser dolly (Dynamic/Seitech or equivalent). Also looking for an extra set of spars and mast. We live in Western PA (Pittsburgh and Pymatuning Reservoir) and also traveling to Rochester NY this week (RCC). Thanks for any leads. I had to put a price but...
  2. P

    FLORIDA Sail, wood mast, boom, rig for sale

    Make offer for pick up only.. I have several items from a clean out of a life time sailors storage. This is a solid wood mast boom rig. Sail and all riging in good shape. Wood could use a quick re- varnish. No rot. I'm in panama city Florida. I don't think its shipable. I can provide better...
  3. C

    VIRGINIA Looking for a Force 5 Boom in good repair

    Looking for a Force 5 boom. I am working on a project Force Five right now and the boom is not right. Here's some pics of the damage I am finding in the discovery phase (two terribly faired repairs, small crack in bow, crack where it looks like it was dropped on a sharp edge on the starboard...
  4. 161919

    TEXAS Used booms in Houston, Tx

    Used laser booms for sale in the Houston Tx area, please contact Peter at windsurfing at, 25 each
  5. Hayders

    OKLAHOMA Sunfish Racing Sail

    $100 OBO. Not sure how old it is, I just used the normal sail when I had a sunfish. Will sell the zip up bag with sail. Will ship at buyers expense. I am located in central Oklahoma, so if anyone can pick up, I'd sell the mast and boom for $50. Email [email protected] for any questions...
  6. B

    MASSACHUSETTS Sail, boom, mast, dagger board, rudder for sale

    Laser sail with boom, mast, dagger board and rudder with extension for sale together. Sail Number 33134.
  7. CFSC

    Expired  J24 boom without hardware for sale

    This is an older J24 boom with no hardware on it. Selling it for $200.
  8. R

    Expired  Boom needed

    Looking for replacement boom with outhaul rigging
  9. sinogin

    RHODE ISLAND Sailing Boat Swap and Sale at Zim

    A local club brought in a bunch of old sunfish and parts to sell at our Boat Swap this Saturday. See details below. Saturday April 6th from 9-3 @ Zim Sailing's Headquarters! 33 Broadcommon Rd, Unit 1, Bristol RI, 02809 Used Boat Auction: Sell your Opti, 420, Sunfish, or Laser. Find a great...
  10. ClassicScott

    Expired  J/24 boom

    Older Kenyon boom. Refinished and re-rigged. Internal 3:1 outhaul. Reefing cams missing from Gooseneck Assembly. $200 Pick up in CT [email protected]
  11. C

    CONNECTICUT laser masts and boom, 4.7 bottom sections for sale

    Lower 4.7 mast section: $125; Upper mast section: $100; Boom: $125 One boat set: $250 Our sea scout ship was donated several laser masts and booms, however we are not sailing this class. Unknown age but very good condition with Laser class stickers on them. Lower mast sections are for Laser...
  12. S

    Laser boom vang wanted

    Hello, I'm sailor from Ukraine. I'm looking for laser boom vang in any condition with the cheapest price. I would really like to have the harken boom vang. Please contact me with any offers you have and I'll get back to you asap. Contact Information: [email protected]
  13. Heymikeb

    Expired  Parting out 1979 j24

    I have everything you need to put your boat back together. 6to1 Outhaul boom. $150 Mast. $800 Rudder. $400 You get the picture..... Actually for those, and more prices go to. 1979 J24 parts I don’t have everything pictured and listed yet but I’m working on it. Buyer pays shipping...
  14. L

    1965 Sunfish with Highlander Trailer

    Helping settle my grandmother's estate... Here is the information I have been provided regarding the sailboat in the attached pictures: 1965 Alcort Sunfish with Highlander Trailer Sail, mast, and boom are included but are currently stored in a separate location (so therefore aren't shown in...
  15. A

    Wanted: Laser Radial Rigging, Sail, Mast, Cunningham, and Boom Vang

    First post, happy to be a part of the community! I've just purchased my first Laser, I race on a J/24 but I'm hopping to get a better handle on the essentials of the helm by practicing on my dinghy. Just wondering if anyone out there might have any of the aforementioned. If so, please don't...
  16. M

    Expired  Looking for a 470 boom

    I am looking for a boom for my 470 which I recently refurbished but have not sailed. I think my mast is a goldspar, but I'm looking into buying any boom as they are difficult to find in the US. Please contact me if you and interested in selling one or have an idea of where I can look.
  17. Trailguy90

    Need Set of Spars

    Looking for a set of booms. Already have a gooseneck Thanks, Joseph In Lexington, KY
  18. Erik Bowers

    Bowers Campaign Sails and Aussie Spars

    Several standard rig Hyde sails available for purchase. Varying degrees of usage. Numerous sails with 2 weeks of use available for $300 each. 2 sails with 2 days use each for $450 each. 1 sail never used for $500 _____________________________________________________________ I also have 3...
  19. S

    1975 Sunfish Mast/Boom and Sail Wanted

    In need of a mast/boom and sail for a 1975 Sunfish hull. Please let me know if you have any (locally) for sale. Thank you!!
  20. Jamey Fisher

    Expired  Project or parts Boat: J-24 #117

    Contact: Jamey Fisher at [email protected] Willing to sell the whole boats or major components first, then trailer and secondary parts. I am the second owner and have owned it since 1984. The boat has always been dry sailed off the trailer. The boat has always been sailed in fresh...