1. P

    Question  Replacing a Malfunctioning, Corroded Auto Bailer

    Hello, All I was wondering if anyone has had any luck replacing their 'old style' auto bailer with a new, plastic system. My sunfish is likely from before 1972 and the bailer is totally non functioning. It lets water in passively. I had planned on using silicon to seal the system in the mean...
  2. Alan S. Glos

    NEW YORK DePersia Cockpit Bailer (long shaft) To Fit a Minifish or thicker bottom Sunfish

    Tired of breaking your Minifish keel mounted plastic cockpit bailer? This somewhat rare cast aluminum DePersia brand bailer came off a damaged beyond repair Minifish hull and will take a lot of abuse and keep your cockpit dry. The threaded shank is 1 5/8" length to accommodate a Minifish...
  3. M

    FLORIDA Bailer Wanted

    Hello, Looking to buy a bailer for my late 70s sunfish. Please send me a message if you have one you’d be willing to sell. Thanks!
  4. Flieger

    DePersia Bailer Removal

    Hi all, I bought an old Sunfish fixer upper and am trying to remove the old De Persia bailer. The nut is missing, but try as I might, I'm unable to remove the bailer. Any tips what to do here?
  5. N

    Another autobailer question

    Someone gave us a '73 Laser. I am restoring it for my 5 year old grandson. It has no autobailer. Have gone through all the autobailer posts & did not see any pictures of one installed. Can someone upload a picture of an installed autobailer so I can see exactly where it fits?
  6. C

    Phantom Bailer

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on a recently purchased 1983 phantom with a bailer that is not operating as it should. After finding that I took on water even at fast speeds, I took the whole thing apart and cleaned it which seemed to help some but it still wasn't consistent. The disc...