aqua finn

  1. S

    Aqua Finn (1997) w/ Trailer

    Aqua Finn (1997) in great condition with trailer (Wesco, 1998) in great condition. Optional Swivel Cam Cleat (metal) installed. Boat and trailer stored in attached garage when not sailing. Original owner. Trailer has 4" PVC schedule 40 tubes for transporting and storing mast and booms/sail...
  2. 4cpus4me

    MICHIGAN Aqua Finn in Midland, Michigan - Craigslist ad, Not mine.

    I just saw this Aqua Finn it seems to be pretty pristine and thought maybe someone may be interested: Aqua Finn Link
  3. DanielMagMat

    Outside North America Aqua Finn Rudder Assembly Wanted

    I got as a gift from a friend an Aqua Finn Daysailer's hull but with no other parts. So I am gathering and building the parts I need to sail. I love this project and would like some help finding parts and advice to build what I don't find. Thanks!