alcort sunfish

  1. K

    NEW YORK 1968 Alcort Sunfish For Sale

    Serial # 53608. 14' It was in the last owner's family since new, we are the 2nd owner. Unrestored survivor. Its always stored dry and covered or garaged. Sailed only in fresh water (Lake George). Original aluminum top deck trim and coaming are completely intact and all rivets still in place...
  2. Itsasave

    Took a big bite-and need some help chewing

    Hey all, Looking for guidance. I’ve looked through the threads and was hoping to get project specific help. I owned a sunfish growing up, and picked up a boat on a whim this weekend at a very low price, because I want to teach my son to sail (and because I miss sailing a lot). Admittedly...
  3. D

    1978 Sunfish Alcort

    1978 Sunfish Alcort for Sale. Located in Chatham MA. Good condition. Has not been sailed in over 30 years. Garage kept and all components are included. Must pick up. Asking $800