4.7 rig

  1. mharaway

    MARYLAND 4.7 lower mast and sail needed - help a little girl learn Laser!

    I am searching for a lower mast section and a sail for our Laser. Hoping to find one to allow our 10 year old daughter to graduate from her Opti. We're in Maryland but will pay shipping costs as well. Thanks for your replies.
  2. B

    CONNECTICUT Clean 2002 Laser - Race Ready . 203-461-1418

    "Turnkey" boat/race ready. 20 detailed pics here. Up to date Racer rigged. Standard, Radial and 4.1 rigs available. Carbon Fiber tiller and carbon fiber extension. Intensity practice and a class legal sails in excellent condition like new. Blades and blade bag, Harken Vang, outhaul, downhaul...
  3. Yago E

    Laser 4.7 rig (lower mast+sail)

    Laser 4.7 sail and lower mast section for sale near Cleveland, Ohio. Sail and lower mast included. Delivery options: Shipping (not included), or pickup. Sail number: 190306 I wasn't able to post pictures, but they are able to be provided upon request. Great price