1988 capri 14.2

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    Wanted: mast for 1988 capri 14.2

    Hi all, just joined the forum! I'm a new owner of a 1988 capri 14.2 but it needs a mast (boom is in good shape). Where can I find one? Catalina wants $1035 for a new mast and boom + shipping from FLA to Maryland. Would appreciate any help. thanks Dave O.
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    1988 Capri and trailer for sale

    Relocating requires sale of my 1988 Capri 14.2. Boat is in good shape with no cracks in gelcoat. Includes a near-new Minnkota motor. New sealed battery is installed in Minnkota power center battery box in a custom mount inside the cuddy area. All wires run through the hull to quick disconnect at...
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    For Sale:  SOLD! 1988 Capri 14.2 New Sails, Rudder

    Update: Sale Pending Pics: Dropbox - 1988 Capri 14.2 for Sale Significant new items in last five years: *Mainsail and Jib: UV Dacron, white with blue lettering set from Slo Sail and Canvas. With blue rolled sail bag (2013). Original mainsail also included. *Kickup Rudder: High Density...