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    TEXAS Used booms in Houston, Tx

    Used laser booms for sale in the Houston Tx area, please contact Peter at windsurfing at, 25 each
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    how to Replace joint on the oval Carbon tiller extension?

    I have one of the carbon tiller extensions in oval shape, and I would like to replace the rubber joint. Where can i find a replacement and how to replace it? the cap where the rotating joint is attached is glued, do I have to cut an inch from the extension to remove it? Thanks
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    mainsheet getting caught - transom corner inserts?

    If you have a older boat you need to tape the joint of the blocks so they dont flex while jibing, then when the boom is about to change sides you give a big pull on the mainsheet so it will tension and not get tangled on the corner.
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    Adjustable Hiking Strap Ideas

    Here is the adjustable hiking strap I use. Start with an 8 knot on the end, go through both eyes, then strap and then back to the line between the eyes, leave enough line so it is easier for you to catch, but not too long. Adjust in a way that you leave the loosest for going upwind and...
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    Advice on buying 2nd hand laser

    I usualy look at the mast step to see if it is not broken, and the centerboard trunk too. fill the mast hole with water and check if the water goes down. Place the boat up on grass or over a tire and look at the tramson to see if water comes out. If a lot of water comes out don't buy it...
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    How much can i get for my boat

    If the boat is on really good condition y guess would be around 3000 ~ 3500.
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    Laser Model

    you can find the laser and other suppliers at the amya - american model association site - There are several other boats available too...
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    Is a wooden rudder/ Centerboard within Race regulations??

    As long as the centerboard was supplied by the factory it is legal, even if it is a replacement... There were some third party making wood centerboards, and those were ilegal... It must be within the specifications too. My first laser was a 74 and the original centerboard was too tick to go...
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    New to Houston Area

    William, there were some sailors practicing on the woodlands' lake on summer during the week sometime ago. On conroe there are too many motorboats, so a good chance to be run over by a dui boat. Best sailing at galvenston bay, you are welcome to join SSC races on the link above.
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    Baltic Buoyancy Aids

    Musto sell one that might do what you want. it is a buoyancy aid, It is good on light winds when there is less chance for you capsize or be hit by the boom. On heavy wind, it is better to use a regular life jacket. You should find it at aps or team one newport
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    Batten tip got stuck in the sail battne pocket

    Hi, I think there was an article about how to remove the batten plastic tip that got stuck on the sail batten pocket, but I can't find it. It used to be on the old DRLASER website, but I think it has been shut down. Any sugestions on how to remove it without taking a few stiches out...
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    Baton Rouge Sailors ?

    Hi, we sail in Houston, we usually have at least 10 boats on the water on our races, you can see our callendar at Alex tupinamba
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    Shoulder injuries

    I had an AC separation on my right shoulder and did lot of physical therapy using rubber bands. I was very careful on the first six months after the surgery, and if you don't have one, add a nice big cleat for the mainsheet, as it helps a lot... I was pulling the mainsheet more with my...
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    Nexus Tactical Laser Compasses?

    The easier to use is the 103R, instead of using a 360 degree scale, it uses 0 -20. in one tack you are 9, on the other tack you are 19. No need to calculate the 180 / 90 degress difference for the other tack. If you read the instructions, it will tell you how to use for the reaches and downwind...
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    Top Section Rivet Stress and Placement

    What I do to keep the mast lasting longer is, depending on the use, after some time (1.5 -2 yrs) I invert the mast, placing it upside down. I just move all the parts to the other end of the mast. I usually place my rivet backwards, as I already broke several tops (they used to come with two or...
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    Did any of the Masters have fun in Fortaleza?

    Receipt for Caipirinha: Get a lime and cut it in several pices, put half of it in a glass; add 2 spoons of sugar; smash it all together; add ice cubes, fill it up with cachaca (aguardente) if you find it, or just add vodka instead (they are then called caipiroska). Try it with strawberrys...
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    new to laser - radial or full rig

    That one is easy.... Radial is the new olympic class for the women, so a lot of women will be sailing the radial. If you don't find a used boat that has both rigs, buy a radial. In case you sail in a place with too not much wind most of the time (i.e. below 15 mph) you can buy a full rig and...
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    Downwind laser sailing

    surf, surf surf... To go fast downwind and on the reaches on medium and high wind on a laser what you have to do is : SURF, SURF , SURF! You have to ride all the waves that you can catch. Downwind sail by the lee, i.e., release your mainsheet more than 90 degrees and pass the straight...
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    Upwind in heavy air

    Use your vang / cunningham The best way to sail the boat going upwind is tighting the vang a lot. It will flatten the sail and you will be able to control the boat. The same for the cunnigham. if it is really blowing tight as much as you can. sometimes is good to pass the line by just one side...