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    Carbon top mast section

    Dissolve the foam blocks inside the hull will significantly reduce the weight and reshape the top of the rudder blade, will alter the angle of the blade and reduce the helm, both are outright cheating and might result in getting kicked out of the class. Then oversize tape patches on the front of...
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    Carbon top mast section

    ILCA measurers are also Laser sailors, we show up at club racing upwards. In Australia we have scheduled measuring days at Nationals and upwards, but will walk around the boat park more local events.
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    Harken 534 Vang

    Remember to tell the person you eventually sell your boat to that it's not class legal, as they will need to replace the vang and anything else not legal if they want a class legal boat.
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    Laser taper in the kicker 5:1

    The rule actually goes on to say that the "at the load bearing attachment point." This means IMO that the splice cannot extend to other locations such as passing through a pulley or cleat. At those locations, the rope must be uniform thickness. I agree, the wording in the class rules in more...
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    Laser Road Base UK

    As far as I'm concerned it's the road surface material which is dug up, broken up and sold as gravel. Useful for making you own road, speed bumps etc,
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    Laser Cockpit Autobailer "Not class legal for racing" . . . What?

    Come sail at my club in the Laser fleet and I will gladly protest you.
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    Method of identifying trolleys for a regatta

    Cattle ear tags have worked well at previously.
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    New Vang block

    Interesting that the red mark tape was permitted at this event. It used to be illegal, as it changes the diameter of the vang line (3bii) and does not fall under the permitted functions of Tape (24) and potentially changes the function of the vang line (24). It was always something that needed...
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    Bottleport fits Ronstan Inspection Ports (pics)

    Re-read the original Bottleport thread and the class rules.
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    Bottleport fits Ronstan Inspection Ports (pics)

    They might be a good idea etc.. Blame the person who designed them. They were not willing to approach the ILCA
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    Cunningham question

    Without knowing exactly how corroded the fitting is, you can't tell how strong it is. My suggesting is to replace the fitting. Over the years I've seen many broken vang tang fittings. Personally I use a loop of shock cord to retain the mast (though both deck eyelets and over the tang fitting)...
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    Newbie with rig and dolly issue

    It's worth remembering the original radial bottom section was 50mm longer than the current length. It could be that this section was never shortened to the current specs. Does the bottom section have a sleeve inside?
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    The future of the laser: sorcerer's apprentices and the goose that lays the golden eggs by Gilles GLUCK

    Andy B, please refrain from putting words into my mouth. As for Australian boats being more expensive because of the higher tolerance, this is incorrect. The Australian labour force is very well paid relative to the uk. Further Australian work places not just want skilled workers, but in the...
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    The future of the laser: sorcerer's apprentices and the goose that lays the golden eggs by Gilles GLUCK

    I'll add a couple of points. For the Olympic Sailing for the Sydney 2000, you did not have to be perched high on a ferries. Depending on which course the boats were on the boats were very visible from the shore. All but one course was inside the harbour and were visible from the normal...
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    The future of the laser: sorcerer's apprentices and the goose that lays the golden eggs by Gilles GLUCK

    I have to agree LaLi. The first 8 pages were entertaining. After that they become fanciable, little more than the old anti anglo rant which I thought had died decades ago. I'm not all up in the politics of it all, but there are clear inaccuracies in the technical aspects of the article that...
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    Holt Vang vs. XD

    Which is part of the reason why I got out of the measuring game. I absolutely blame the Laser sailors who purchase "practice equipment" and those that sell it. If people refused to purchase this illegal stuff, then there would be no question if the equipment was originally supplied by the...
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    Holt Vang vs. XD

    I'd suggest you re-read the rules. 3.a.ii. For the purpose of these definitions, the Standard Fittings are the: Plastic cunningham fairlead Plastic cunningham clam cleat Mainsheet block Plastic outhaul clam cleat Plastic outhaul fairlead Vang cleat block Vang key block Vang key Plastic traveller...
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    Holt Vang vs. XD

    Possibly, possibly not. Unless you know the construction manual contents. I can't speak about the Holt fitting as only once was one presented for measuring. However the manufacturer supplied Harken fitting is stamped with "Laser" and the Laser Symbol and this stamping process may form part of...