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  1. odegaard

    Minimum hull weight rule?

    I can understand good to hold Builder to a min wt. but it should be in the Sunfish Spec (if there is one?} not also in Class Rules.
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    Minimum hull weight rule?

    Seems we have new Class rules effective 1/1/21 but still pending World Sailing approval. No problemski here, except new rule C.6.1 setting a minimum hull wt. of 121 lbs. This could ?? open a controversial "can of worms". Many yrs. ago, there were 2 NE events where weigh-ins were attempted: 1}...
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    Need threaded brass bailer plug

    unobtainium--use a rubber cork at hardware store
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    Diagram for heavy wind setup?

    Why not keep it simpile? Try using a reef--works fine and if screaming it will not slow you down on reach/run. Or an Odie rig--run the halyard down the port side to the block this will flatten the sail on stb tack just like you were on port.
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    wet hull with loose foam

    sorry but dissagree that a flexing hull is a slow hull. Yrs ago had an old lightweight hull and during a regatta the 2 fwd blocks fell over. The hull pumped air in a big chop--via inspection ports. In the same conditions as a previous race. the flexing hull just flew--very fast and passed...
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    Looking to join an active Sunfish fleet in retirement - where would you move?

    Go South--Melbourne YC Fl has a good fleet--also, Sarasotta or Davis Islnd in Tampa, FL
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    Sail insignia ID

    Alcort Windflight sail
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    Fast Bottoms??

    FYI Any work aft of mid ship is probaby a waste. The issue is turbulent flow replaises laminar flow after some point. Read up on books by Marchaj. Don't waste time on "INNIES"/small gouges--only the "OUTIES" matter. The water flow just goes over gouges and does not effect speed much. I do...
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    I want to build an ultra light Sunfish. I have owned one in the past and will attest that at the current hull weight of 110 pounds they are strong

    LOL. I had a super lightweight hull that just didnt hold up in heavy air. Ever time I used it a long crack opened up in the hull section just fwd of the daggerboard trunk. After many detailed repairs I just gave up. U might get one great ride in a lightweight but could ?? only be one before...
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    New hi-tech transparent rec sail under development

    I guess approx $700+ in quantities at this stage -- now working MKII sail
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    New hi-tech transparent rec sail under development

    Also on Sunfish Listserve. for discussion/comments
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    Daggerboard direction

    Bruce Sutphin yrs ago swore that the long side, went fwd. This is usually the T.E. He was a World Champion so may be best??
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    sold today
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    Older Sunfish with multi colored Class approved North sail with window/numbers (has a few patches) + halyard/sheet + mahogany brd./rudder. Hull has 2 inspection ports. Good kid off-the-beach boat. located Guilford, Ct.
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    AMF Alcort Brochures 1974 and 1982

    Daggerboard orientation was a hot discussion topic back in the 70/80s for racing. The late and great Bruce Sutphen (World Champ) insisted that the long edge should face fwd for optimum hydrodynamic efficiency
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    "frozen" pintle pin in alum. rudder cheeks

    The problem is with a Force 5 pin, but about same as a Sunfish--I have tried soaking in penetrating oil/heat/banging on it--but still NG. I don't want to break the aluminum--any suggestions appreciated. Thanks Odie 27777
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    Ten Cate Sunfish

    The stickers were passed out to folk and were common way back. What are your needs for the old hull?--I have a few olde parts available.
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    Chinese Built Boats

    Alan, I have asked Class officers several times to talk to this issue, but soo far no replies. I hear that the worlds boats held up ok and looked good. I assume ?? all boats offered in US will now be Chinese. Try local dealer and get back to forum. Pls. if anyone from the Class reads this...
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    Always better for the hull if you can get help and trail the boat upside down. Trailing with deck up can result in indents in the hull depending on your support configuration.