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    The Laser Rowing Shell is still produced
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    Bruce Kirby’s Laser series changed the face of sailboat racing

    Nice article Bruce Kirby’s Laser series changed the face of sailboat racing
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    Ian Bruce
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    Mast tie down while cartopping

    Any good ideas for making a quick mounting bracket for cartopping of the Laser Spars? I currently use lots of bungees, but there must be a better way. Plywood brakets? Velcro? cleats?
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    Sailing World Magazine Tuning/Rigging/Sailing Guides

    Sailing World (And Yacht Racing/Cruising before that) magazine has published a few basic Tuning/Rigging/Sailing Guides for the Laser over the past 30 years. Complete with very good illustrations. These were 3-4 pages in length. Anyone have a link to those or a link to something similar?
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    Seitech Parts?

    Seitech dollys have been out of stock for the last 8 months at my dealer. Yes 8 months. Maybe they all went to Nova Scotia for the Worlds? Anyone else experiencing a dolly shortage? A guy I crew with wants a Seitech for his new to him laser. He doesn’t want a version of my homemade dolly. ;( ...
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    New Sail, New Class, Laser Hull Rooster 8.1 Rig Anyone seen this in action?
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    Reefing damage a standard sail?

    Does reefing a standard laser sail damage the sail? I have reefed my sails for over 20 years and have noticed no ill effects. Dick Tillman's book The Complete Book of Laser Sailing (and its older versions), describes reefing as a way to depower in high winds. Recently I was told NEVER reef...
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    Killbear Laser Week

    Anyone going to this? It appears on the District 3 (Ontario) website, but have not heard anything about it. I have camped at Killbear in the past and enjoyed its great winds, would be good for a Laser event. Any interest? CB