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    raising rudder

    I tried to lower the rudder by pushing the tiller. Rudder cracked. Just lean back and use your hand to raise and lower as needed.
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    Rigging question

    The hook is used to hold the main sheet and provide some drag (friction) on the sheet. You put the sheet under the hook and pull up to reduce the force needed to hold the sheet. Mounting a ratchet block replaces the hook and provides a quick-release cam cleat action. Fred
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    Best length for Sunfish tiller extension

    It's been a while but I remember I had an adjustable length tiller extension. Don't know what brand. Google it. Fred
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    Ratchet block vs. Swivel cam cleat with fairlead

    I use the ratchet block but still retain the hook. If I need to lock the mainsheet I attach it to the hook. Don't do this in a high wind condition.
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    Installation of Strap Eye for Mainsheet Block

    Check out this:
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    Mainsheet slack?

    You can also use loose zip ties around the boom. Fred
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    Sunfish with my lady friend?

    It would be highly advisable that your lady also knows how to sail so she can move in the right directions and can anticipate tacks, etc. Two on a Sunfish is not a "cocktail sail" unless there's very little wind. Fred
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    Hi, just got a Super Porpoise

    I feel that the sail is too high in that position and will cause too much heel and threat of capsize. You can try it but be alert to strong wind puffs. Good luck. FredP
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    Showing off my refinished 79 Sunfish

    Have you done a capsize practice with all the equipment to be sure you can recover and no equipment is damaged? Fred
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    Any Caribbean resorts with free access to Sunfish

    Correct. The Occidental all-inclusive in Aruba has Hobie Waves, a small cat. They were free when we were there years ago. Used to have Sunfish but they were pretty beat up. The wave is a fun boat. The wind at the Occidental can be strong and gusty as it is all over Aruba, so I hope you're not a...
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    New Style Rudder. What makes it better?

    I used the old rudder for many years but as the mechanism got worn the rudder would pop up when going fast in a stiff wind. This was especially true on the ocean with waves. On a lake it will most likely be fine. Fred
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    What knot do you normally use to tie the halyard onto the upper spar...

    A rolling hitch with a stopper knot on loose end works great. Can be loosened and moved easily without undoing the knot. Look it up on-line. Fred
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    WANTED: low cost, off-the-shelf, beach dolly for vacation next week!

    I used it in soft sand but not a long run of it. Needed a little more umph to move it. Two people would be a help: one pulling, one pushing. It's also very easy to break down and pack. Regarding the comment on Amazon about floating the boat off the wheels: don't do that. One person can lift each...
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    WANTED: low cost, off-the-shelf, beach dolly for vacation next week!

    I have used this for years on Cape Cod: Don't know how fast you can get it fromAmazon. Maybe find one at local marine store. Fred
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    A Theological Question Regarding Sunfish Rigging

    I think you mean theoretical. Theological has to do with religion. Fred
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    Block suggestions for main sheet

    The purpose of the ratcheting block is to provide resistance to the pull of the main sheet which is also the purpose of the hook. A non-ratcheting block will be the same as removing the hook and holding the sheet by hand only. Fred
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    Block suggestions for main sheet

    Do a search on this forum for main sheet block or other key words. I would not use a cam cleat with the block. Fred
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    FYI: Removing Leaf Stains on Deck

    I store my 'fish outside under a tarp. During the winter mice like to collect leaves for nesting under the tarp. When the leaves get wet they "stain" the deck. Quite by accident I found that if you leave the deck stains in sunlight for a few hours, they disappear! Before discovering this...
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    Halyard attachment

    There's also a rolling hitch which works very well because when there's no load on it, it can be moved along the spar to adjust the sail height. Fred