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    wanted j 24 in good condition made after 2000

    Looking to replace an older j24 in the Rhode Island area
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    wanted j24 traveler car

    I am looking for a replacement traveler car for a j 24
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    wanted Tohatsu 3.5 hp 2 stroke outboard engine

    I am looking for a Tohatsa 3.5 outboard engine that is two stroke with 20 inch shaft in good working condition.
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    light outboard motor

    I currently have a 4hp 4 stroke outboard that weighs 60 lbs and am looking for something much lighter, say under 30 lbs. I recently found a new air cooled 2 hp 4 stroke that weighs 27 lbs, but am concerned that it does not have the hp to power a j24 (despite the dealer's assurances). I am also...
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    j 24 floor wanted

    I am looking for a used wooden flooring that is in reasonably good shape.
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    wanted cover for j24

    wanted cover for j24, Bill Sherden
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    J/24 trailer

    Old trailer that is functioning but needs work: rewiring lights, welding front wheel back on, and paint. $100