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  1. DK Sailor

    building laser

    is it class legal to build a laser under same dimentions/weight etc
  2. DK Sailor

    1974 hull for sale or trade

    im willing to trade my stiff 74 hull for a broken newer or a few broken older ones or sell just the hull for 800 let me know what youve got. pics available on request
  3. DK Sailor

    soft hull

    how huch difference does it make
  4. DK Sailor


    Is it possible to have your hull and deck separated to be redone.Because there are those plastic cubitainers and the color under the lip(outer part of deck) is newer looking then the rest. thanks
  5. DK Sailor


    just wondering has anyone ever sailed a raider a few of them race in the mug race and there super fast.
  6. DK Sailor


    It started last week end I went sailing boat fell of the trailer.On my sail I turtled and my new sail got stuck in the mud, got home flipped boat wet sanded the hull is smooth left it upside down for the week then put in right side up and there was a little moisture and the stern is covered with...
  7. DK Sailor


    I was thinking i could put the bow on a scale (i have 2 scales)and go to the stern and put it on a nother scale then add the weight. Thanks
  8. DK Sailor

    deck color

    You know how the old boat decks are like yellow well is there a way to make it whiter with out paint. Thanks
  9. DK Sailor

    sail numbers

    I just got a new 4.7 sail and need no know how to put the sail #s on. thanks
  10. DK Sailor

    mug race

    Does anyone want to consider doing the mug race on may 3rd its a 40 mile straightway, all day race from palatka to Jacksonville fl.
  11. DK Sailor

    de power

    I need to know all ways to depower a radial. :)
  12. DK Sailor

    mast step

    I have a 74 laser with no problems should i put a deck plate to check the mast step even if i dont want one but its better than a messed up mast step?
  13. DK Sailor

    need 4.7

    need 4.7 parts
  14. DK Sailor

    sails--4.7 or Radial rig?

    im 13 and 115 lbs should i get a 4.7 or a radial
  15. DK Sailor

    Legal to reef sail in race?

    Is it class legal to reef a full rig sail in a race.
  16. DK Sailor


    at the top of my sail sleeve in stead of a stopper there is something that looks like something you would hook a halliard to. The sail has a rad laser emblem. Is this a radial.
  17. DK Sailor

    radial mast and upgraded vang

    looking for radial lawer mast and upgraded vang both items dont have to be same seller
  18. DK Sailor


    For sale 80's Hobie Holder 12 newer lines sail isnt bad its deisent last sailed 3 weeks ago used frequently last 2 years , great boat.Selling because just upgraded to a LASER. asking $300