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    TEXAS Used booms in Houston, Tx

    Used laser booms for sale in the Houston Tx area, please contact Peter at windsurfing at, 25 each
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    how to Replace joint on the oval Carbon tiller extension?

    I have one of the carbon tiller extensions in oval shape, and I would like to replace the rubber joint. Where can i find a replacement and how to replace it? the cap where the rotating joint is attached is glued, do I have to cut an inch from the extension to remove it? Thanks
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    Batten tip got stuck in the sail battne pocket

    Hi, I think there was an article about how to remove the batten plastic tip that got stuck on the sail batten pocket, but I can't find it. It used to be on the old DRLASER website, but I think it has been shut down. Any sugestions on how to remove it without taking a few stiches out...