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  1. DK Sailor

    mast hole patch

    its a mast step repair kit someone installed it after the original hole broke personally i dont like it because its ugly
  2. DK Sailor

    Big Job, Laser Repair Video

    the whole hull is soft so ill probably sand a strip along the sides and fiberglass balsa along the sides and do whatever possible to keep it at 130 lbs
  3. DK Sailor

    Soft Spot in Hull - Repairable?

    balsa is light and strong with glass like balsa core phrf sailboats example j boats and c&c are balsa core and there also very fast 2by4 is heavy pine dont use that
  4. DK Sailor

    Big Job, Laser Repair Video

    i plan to pop the deck off my hull in the near future. you need to sand to the gel coat
  5. DK Sailor

    Soft Spot in Hull - Repairable?

    id put a strip of balsa across the spot and throw a couple of glass layers over it itll be stronger and lighter then a bunch of layers
  6. DK Sailor

    building laser

    so could or couldnt i build a laser hull and put an old hulls deck on it ? and locally race it just for me thanks
  7. DK Sailor

    building laser

    i guess i couldnt buy a licence for a couple hundred just to build 1 boat??? , it would probably end up being a few million to buy the whole laser performance
  8. DK Sailor

    building laser

    is it class legal to build a laser under same dimentions/weight etc
  9. DK Sailor

    Is hull class legal if epoxied from stem to stern?

    if i built a laser hull same dimentions weight etc and put an old deck on it would it be legal
  10. DK Sailor

    Check the video

    i love reel big fish
  11. DK Sailor

    1974 hull for sale or trade
  12. DK Sailor

    1974 hull for sale or trade

    i would have to look at it and see its stiffness and weight then we could negotiate from there.where are you located. and could you send pics to i can send you pics if you would like thanks
  13. DK Sailor

    1974 hull for sale or trade

    yes but sorry i changed my mind and im looking more toward a trade
  14. DK Sailor

    soft hull

    thanks for the reply, the boat that i race on will bang and i hear it flex on a windy day because i sail on a huge river with big chop. ive noticed that if i keep the boat flat it doesnt bang around is that true with your experiences
  15. DK Sailor

    1974 hull for sale or trade

    im willing to trade my stiff 74 hull for a broken newer or a few broken older ones or sell just the hull for 800 let me know what youve got. pics available on request
  16. DK Sailor

    1997 White hull for sale

    is this still available
  17. DK Sailor

    Trade and Purchase...Need a healthy Laser I hull...have many, many parts

    i have a good 74 hull can you send the pics an conditions of yours
  18. DK Sailor

    soft hull

    how huch difference does it make
  19. DK Sailor

    Lasers for sale

    how much for your cheapest hull with no fittings
  20. DK Sailor

    Hull Deck Joint

    after you apply the 5200 on the seam use a vacume on the stern drain plug and it sucks the 5200 all up in there for a sure seal